A flawed stone with a beautiful façade [video;]

[Well, after the fun of being changed by Ashley, the Geology teacher concocted a few ideas so that the sudden appearance of another person would not be questioned, since he'd still be teaching his class...
But it was going to be painful acting like a proper lady :|

So suddenly the video flashes on, and reveals a
lovely young woman in Giovanni's apartment. She adjusts her glasses, and, after a moment, bows, and speaks.]

Well, this place seems as strange as he made it out to be...
Hello, everyone. For those who did not meet me in the library, my name is Maria Moretti, and for a time, I shall be teaching the Earth Science class in Mr. Giovanni's absence. A pleasure to meet you all.

[He hates doing this so much you have no idea]

In a good mood for once?

Hmph, I do hope that penguin got what he deserved...how utterly ridiculous was that scenario?

I've graded everyone's finals for Geology class, and you all passed. Good job, everyone!

Hard to believe the school year's end is upon us once again. But I'm sure everyone will be thankful for the break. Congratulations to those of you graduating as well! 

[Alright that's enough being social for today.]

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"Rather than my crumbling destiny, I just believe in only myself"

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Hmm, hard to believe it's been a year since I came here. How quickly time passes when you're not paying attention. It was quite an interesting year, at that.

Still, despite the spring's beauty and warmth, we cannot let ourselves become soft in our studies. Remember that finals will be soon. If you hope to pass this class, I expect you all to attend, participate, and study. I expect you all to do your best.

For those teachers and students new to the school, welcome. I'm Dr. Giovanni Moretti, Professor of Geology. A pleasure to meet you all.

Also, coming up this next semester, Geology will become Earth Sciences, so as students may have a better glimpse of the beauty of the world around us.

[Ugh he hates being this nice seeming, he has better things to do. Like reading and being grumpy.]